National Nursing and Midwifery Commission

Who Will Be Chairperson of the National Nursing and Midwifery Commission


Norm and Rules for affiliation for Courses ANM GNM Bsc Nursing for Improvement in Community Health Nursing/ Public Health Nursing

Other Board

The Central Government shall, by notification, constitute the following autonomous Boards, under the overall supervision of the

Commission, to perform the functions assigned to such Boards under this

Act, namely: ––

(a) the Nursing and Midwifery UG Education Board;

(b) the Nursing and Midwifery PG Education Board;

(c) the Nursing and Midwifery Assessment and Rating Board; and

(d) the Nursing and Midwifery Ethics and Registration Board.

Each Board referred to in sub-section (1) shall be an autonomous

body with only nursing and midwifery professionals as President and

Members, which shall carry out its functions under this Act subject to the

regulations made by the Commission.


Provided that the competencies shall be aligned with the needs of the

national health program, hospital care services, primary health

services, community and family health nursing services of the

population, in order to ensure optimum healthcare delivery system.

(c) prescribe the nursing and midwifery qualifications at the

undergraduate level, nursing associate qualifications and midwifery

associate qualifications and such other particulars as may be

specified by regulations;

(d) frame guidelines for setting up of nursing and midwifery institutions

for imparting undergraduate courses, having regard to the needs of

the country and the global norms, in accordance with the provisions

of the regulations made under this Act;

(e) determine standards and norms for infrastructure, faculty and quality

of education in nursing institutions providing undergraduate nursing

and midwifery education in accordance with provisions of the

regulations made under this Act;

(f) facilitate development and training of faculty members for teaching,

research as well as international student and faculty exchange

programmes relating to undergraduate, nursing and midwifery

education; and

(g) specify norms for compulsory annual disclosures, clinical facilities,

faculty, electronically or otherwise, by Nursing and midwifery

institutions, in respect of their functions that has a bearing on the

interest of all stakeholders including students, faculty, the

Commission, the State Commissions and the Central Government;

(h) frame policies and regulate standards for education, training and

services of nursing care (including home-based personal care)

assistants and make necessary regulations in this behalf;

(i) regulate the standards and scope of practice of registered nurses,

midwives, nursing associates, and midwifery associates who have

obtained the nursing and midwifery qualification as prescribed by

this Board and make necessary regulations in this behalf;