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NAAC Acceradation Process and Consultancy

Step 1: 

A Team will visit College and View College Infrastructure, Analysis of Documents , Cultural Activity, Teacher Development Program Conducted, Seminars, Journal, Research Work, College Record Keeping, Implementation of International Standards etc.

What We Plan and Decide in First Visit:
1. Overview on process / protocols of Assessment and Accreditation by NAAC
2. Improvement in college Required as per NAAC Standard.
3. Documents to be collected by us.
4. Discussion on Format for Record Keeping.
5. Overview on Automation of library
6.Overview of  Language Lab and discussion
7. Discussion on Teaching Learning Process
8. Infrastructural  and Instructional Facilities
9. Need of new Resources to be added or modified.
10. Teacher training programs and certifications.
11. Further Consultancy  Process, Number of  Visits Required,  Total Consultancy Charges.
12.Overview on Formation of  Various Comities.

Further Consultancy  Process, Number of  Visits Required,  Total Consultancy Charges will eb Decided During This visit :

NAAC Consultancy First Visit by Junior / Consultant Assistant : 5,000+TA/DA
NAAC Acceradation Consultancy First Visit Fees :25,000 +TA/DA
Complete Project 
Fees : Between 90 Thousand to 1.90 Lakh

Total Fees Calculation Depends upon many Factors Such as  Current Number of Document Which are Complete, Councils already Created , Research Work College already Done etc

Overview of Our Work During Complete Consultancy:

1. Inform the College of the current process / protocols of Assessment and Accreditation
2. In-house scrutiny of the LOI (Letter of Intent)
3. LOI Online Submission
3.  Guidance for  Eligibility for Quality Assessment (IEQA) online
4. Processing and Online Submission for (IEQA)
5. Guidance and Creation of SSR
6. In-house analysis of the SSR before submission by Experts.
 7. Submission of SSR
8. Training on NAAC for staff.
9. Mock Inspection Sessions.
10. Training To faculty, technical staff, administrative staff and support staff,
11. Guidelines for Completion of Paperwork, record keeping etc.
10.Help in Allied Services like National Seminars, Workshops, and FDPs.
11. Technological Help in the Shape of Library and other Software.